We book all the pitches for Wild Tree Fair (499 people) and Harlequin Fayre (2800 people). These events offer a good opportunity to meet a great selection of public.

As our dates approach we book up the amount of pitches required. Please see below for current availability of spaces.

Harlequin Fayre 2018
Traders (4m pitch) - Closed for 2018
Traders (7 & 10m Pitch) - Closed for 2018
Caterers - Closed for 2018
Crafts Area - Available
Kidz Area - Closed for 2018
Healing Area - Available
Bushcrafts Area - Available
Interactive - Closed for 2018
Activity / Workshop - Closed for 2018

If you have applied recently and would like to find out how the application is going there is no need to apply again.
You can
get in touch here

We welcome a huge range of traders, goods and services, but we work within a few boundaries. There is no scope to bring animals. We do not permit sales of:
- Alternative Highs
- Fireworks or Sky Lanterns
- Knives and other items that may be deemed weapons, with the exception of hand made items that are retained / kept safe until after the event
- Any mass-produced / imported plastic goods
- Any other items obviously beyond the remit of these green minded and family led events. If in doubt, please ask.

We welcome Flypitchers / Blanket pitchers. The fee of £5 a day is payable at the Event. The pitch must be fully cleared away when not attended. There is no need to apply or notify us in advance, simply buy your tickets and trade for the hours that suit you. Fly pitching is great as it adds variety for the public and gives you a chance to dip your toe into trading at events.

All other pitch types are limited in number, so please apply early. We prefer stalls that are unique, local, and offering your handmade goods, so please mention any workshops you might carry out, or other information that will help us pick your stall! Some pitches such as the The Sustainable Futures & Crafts Areas are without charge, the rest attract varying fees. As a rule a pitch includes 2 free tickets, thought there is scope to vary this.

All Pitchholders will provide their own unique and beautiful structure, which they will normally camp behind (except the 4x4m pitch - you would probably camp in public camping)

Pitch Fees
We like to keep it affordable so we can pick the most suitable from those that apply and so that people come back. Fee is determined by type, size, number of extra tickets and vehicle passes needed as well as any electricity required (caterers only). As an example the Trader 4x4m pitch is charged at about the same cost as 2 adult tickets and a vehicle pass.

Traders / Sales pitches:
Frontages of up to 4m, 7m or 10m. NB the 4m pitch is very cheap (similar or less than the cost of 2 full-priced adult tickets and a vehicle pass), but does not allow camping or parking at the pitch. Numerous areas around the site depending on your opening hours, size and type of stock. We faviour ethical and visually interesting pitches.

Caterers: Frontages of up to 4m, 7m or 10m are charged more than general traders. Factors include vehicle and staff numbers as well as if you need electricity. Trade of any food or drink is always by prior arrangement. Caterers that do not need additional electricity are favoured, along with those that include seating, undercover spaces and a welcoming frontage. Menus must be interesting, affordable, and avoid crossover with other caterers. Much of our clientele are young families. Caterers are sited in areas that suit their stock. Electricity is available to some caterers (chargeable). We prefer Caterers that operate with Solar Power, purchase stock ethically and locally and create good looking welcoming spaces.

Healing Area pitches are available to many types of Practitioner. We also also have tickets available to enable Workshop Leaders to operate in the shared structures which we provide. Charging for treatments is expected. Crossover of services offered is avoided or minimised. Practitioners will need to provide evidence of qualifications and insurance. The Healing Area is a wonderful and calm space in a woodland setting.

Crafts Area is aimed at those able to teach others varied, useful and interesting crafts. It's a great way to publicise your work, meet people and earn something along the way. A minimum of 2 Adult tickets is given per pitch in return for at least 4hrs a day of operation. Materials cots may be charged at cost to the public. Sales of own made goods are permitted and attract a surcharge of 10% of take but the pitch must be predominantly about teaching and sharing.

Interactive pitches include art installations, trapeze shows, shadow puppet theatres and mobile exhibitions - we love it all! We'll talk further once you have submitted the form.

Kidz Area groups are not charged (and in some instances are paid) and contribute to the event in time / resources. The Kidz Area is a stunner - please join us.

Bushcrafts Area: We have a number of groups involved in a dynamic space in the woods, offering all sorts of activities. Let us know what you can do, we'd like to include you.


Pitch size. When working out Pitch Size you must include guy ropes and all other ground you might need (eg for any camping or vehicles that you would like to keep within the pitch) For pitches without camping or a vehicle behind (Barrow caterer & 4x4m trader), your vehicles will be parked in Car Park B and you will camp as close as practical, but possibly in public camping. We cannot invent extra ground on the day, so you can only be given the ground that we have agreed to your using.

Additional Tickets including Children can be bought at the same time as you book your pitch - let us knw what you need. Everybody at the event will need a ticket – no visitors or single day passes will be in use.

Electricty & Lighting
For Caterers we can supply power and / or lighting (charges apply).
Most other pitches shut up shop as the day draws to a close. If you might want to operate later do let us know, as we will site you accordingly. If you need electricity you will provide it yourself from renewable means. This cannot include petrol / gas generators or running your vehicle engine. If stalls need lighting we suggest solar panels and 12v LED lighting units of your own. The cheapest option is a car battery and some 12v LED lights from ebay. LED lights give you about 9 times more light per watt than incandescent bulbs. Paraffin lamps may be suitable where all proper safety measures and paperwork are in place.

ARRIVAL: The best time to arrive will be sent to you by email. It is generally the Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the Event.

SITING: On arrival you will be shown to your pitch. Please stay within the boundaries we show you or you will almost certainly have to move before you can trade. Please set up as quickly as possible and do not ingress on to your neighbour's pitch, beyond the peg line, or across access / fire lanes.

SIGNING OFF: We need to be sure that all areas affecting public are safe before allowing them into the Arenas. Sign off times are icluded in the info email. The deadline is normally 5pm on the day before the public are allowed onto your arena. Site Sign Off includes all structures being up, guy ropes marked and safe, pegs wrapped with soft material, electrics installed, fire protection measures in place, trip hazards removed, perimeter gaps filled and vehicles to final position. You may work inside your stall after this time. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a stressful delay in trading for you and your neighbours while you make your area complete.

TAKEDOWN: We operate until late on Sunday night. We ask and expect that frontages are left up until at least 11pm on Sunday. There is no vehicle movement until Monday 7am. This is really important. Firstly, people will be relaxed and the crew will have worked hard all week, so vehicle movements are a serious H&S issue. Also as importantly, you may have finished trading but the Event is still in full swing. If you drop your frontage it leaves the event looking barren and steals some of the magic from the evening for all at the Event, as well as creating holes in our frotages that become Security and Safety issues. We ask that you close up your pitch and join us for a last dance - you've earned it. Start monday with a coffee and a rapid takekown. We do not allow public into the Arenas on Monday, so it is the perfect time to take down and get safely on the road.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please apply. You will be added to the system and sent an invoice as soon as it is generated. The sooner you pay any pitch fee the cheaper it is (info on the invoice). If you decide you do not want to trade after all please just let us know.

Have a great season!

Applications only become a binding commitment when payment is made.

This form should take only a few minutes to fill in.

The Pitch Applications will be looked at from early January.