For glamping at Wild Tree Fair and Harlequin Fayre there are numerous options, with one being the permanent on-site beautiful structures.

These are set within a beautiful woodland that is within the perimeter of the event. They are wonderful and varied structures and will provide great comfort. All are sited in areas that will not have high levels of noise in a woods that remains open to other ticket-holders. During Harlequin Fayre the woods containing these glamping units will be closed at night to all those not issued with an additional wristband, ensuring the woods is a peaceful place to stay. Please note that you will need to buy your tickets to the events via the events' own websites.

The Bird Houses are the simplest structures here. They are supremely comfortable though and are incredibly strong as well as being the perfect low-impact woodland structure. A bit less swanky than the others but in them you really are closer to nature.

All of our Bird Houses feature raised beds and are constructed with a solid wooden roof that extends down the sides of the building, forming 2 of the walls. The other 2 walls are made from canvas which has the added benefit of giving a light airy feel to the structures and keeps them cool during the height of the summer.

The Bird Houses can be used as either 1 double (with room for your own cot) or 2 single beds.

Zenia is a favourite with all who stay in her, constructed with a reclaimed boat hull as a roof. Salvaged from Blakeney, the roof of the hut dates from around 1900, now transformed into an incredible sleeping hut, definitely for the more agile of us as you climb up ladders into the beds which are in the roof.

She can happily sleep 4 people – 2 at either end – making it perfect for a family or 2 couples who want to share. Great for allowing your imagination to run riot, the hut provides a fantastic place to stay. It’s one of our favourites and we think you’ll love it as well.

The hut also features a classic French enamel stove, which makes ‘her’ super toasty and warm on cold nights in the woods, a table to sit around and some old theatre seats to watch the woods go by.

The Silos are perhaps the ultimate repurposed camping structures, originally serving as grain storage on one of the estate farms. Now completely redesigned as sleeping structures, these fantastic metal buildings give a large yurt like experience.

Fully insulated and then wood lined, the silos make a great place for families to stay. They have each have a double bed, a small single and a large floorspace so if you wish to bring an extra mattress etc for a child to bed down on the floor you may. They are heated with a french enamel stove. This extra floorspace is due to the round nature of the structure and makes for a great place to escape any bad weather and play board games or draw.

The Railway Carriages have either a double bed, a double and a single bed or a double bed and a bunk and sleep up to 3 people in immense comfort.

More than 100 years old, our first converted Railway Carriage was originally bought from the Station Master at Swaffham station – It was transported to West Acre in the 1970’s on its steel wheels. Pulled by four Shire Horses which used to plough the fields at WestAcre and was once a welcome location for shooting lunches on the estate.

These beautiful original carriages have since been repurposed and refurbished and turned into fantastic places to stay and sleep in the woods.

All feature solid wood panelling, huge glass windows and classic French enamel stoves to keep you toasty in the night.

Valkyrie is definitely one to get the imagination running wild, the broads cruiser is a real favourite with kids. It’s a classic Norfolk Broads cruising boat, dating to the end of the last century. The old pop top roof was modified into some thing more substantial and then she was set ‘adrift’ in this beautiful woodland.

Accommodation ‘onboard’ is slightly tighter than some of the other structures, but she makes a wonderful place for independent kids or not too tall adults wanting a single beds to stay onboard. Her mooring finds her about 30m from either the Railway Carriages or Zenia

All of these accommodation options have a few common themes;

- Once you book you will be contacted by the person who will meet and greet you on the day.

- The woods is a peaceful part of the event; please enjoy and be a part of this.

- There is no scope to erect tents for friends or family, they would need to be in Public Camping.

- Parking is a little way off, then you use a wheelbarrow to move possessions (kids are great at this!)

- Very comfortable beds with pillows, warm duvets and covers are provided. Towels are not provided.

- Solar powered lighting in each unit, but no means to plug phones etc in for charging.

- Tickets and vehicle passes are a separate issue to Glamping, they are not dealt with through this website, please see the event website for your ticket and vehicle pass needs.

- The woods is dark at night, though paths are loosely lit. You will want to bring a torch, warm clothing, walking boots or similar plus a hat.

- Toilets and a tap are within a short walk's distance, closer than if you were to camp in much of the general camping area.

- As with camping at any event, avoid bringing valuables that you can leave at home.

- As with the entire events, you may not bring Dogs or Glass bottles on to site. The full T&C's are on the event websites.